Vaginal Tumor Treatment

In tumor care, there are a number of treatments that have been identified by doctors not matter outside or inside the country. Treatment was classified according to types, stage of the tumor and how far the disease has spread.

Vaginal tumor is most often treated with several of treatment such as radiation, therapy, and chemotherapy. All of this treatment is depending on the stage or tumor. This is the important things that are needed to share to all the women especially women with vaginal tumor because it may affect their sexual function and ability to have children.



Surgery is the first treatment for vaginal tumor. It usually only used for small stage I tumor and were not cured by radiation. Surgery is often used to treat sarcomas and melanomas.


Laser surgery is treatments that beam of high-energy light used to vaporize the abnormal tissue. Other than that, additional tissue surrounding the tumor also may be removed to be certain that all tumors has been destroyed.


Excision is the one of the treatment for vaginal tumor. This treatment will remove the tumor and some of the surrounding healthy tissue. Besides that, the vaginal will repair using skin from other parts of the body may be necessary.


Viginectomy is the surgery to remove the vagina which includes the pelvic lymph nodes. It will called partial vaginectomy if only parts of the vagina is removed. Usually a reconstructive surgeon can create a new vagina with grafts of tissue from other parts of the body. Through this treatment the patient will be able to have sexual intercourse, but her still need to use a lubrication aid.


Radical Hysterectomy is surgery to remove the uterus, cervix, and part of the vagina. If the tumor has spread to other parts of woman’s reproductive system as well as lymph nodes may be removed.


Radiation therapy is the treatment uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumor and kill cancer cell. This treatment uses radioactive substances such as radioactive iodine that travel in the blood to kill cancer cell. Other than that, the most similar type of radiation treatment is called external-beam radiation therapy which is radiation given from a machine outside the body. The radiation treatment is given using implant  is called brachytherapy or internal radiation. These methods use the tiny tubes of a radioactive substance which placed in the vagina for one to two days. At this condition the patient must stay in the bed. This treatment also have the side effects such as fatigue, mild, skin reactions, upset stomach and loose bowel movement but will be go after treatment finished.


Chemotherapy is the treatment using medicines or drugs to treat tumor, normally by stopping the tumor cells ability to grow and divide. It becomes systematic when this treatment delivered through the bloodstream to reach tumor cells throughout the body. The objective of chemotherapy is to destroy tumor remaining after surgery, slow tumor growth and reduce side effects.

Other than that, chemotherapy can be given either orally or injections. It also have the side effect depend on the dose used and individual and will be go after the treatment finished.


The relieving a person’s symptoms and side effects is important to treatment to slow, stop or eliminate the tumor. Palliative or supportive is one of the treatments that can help a person at any stage of illness. By this treatment also can help the patient in term of physical, emotional and social needs. Besides that, the patient who receive both often have less severe symptoms, better quality of life, and report they are more suitable with treatment.


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